5 Most common reasons why you don’t hear from him after your first date

The first date that goes perfectly fine usually stuffs you with millions of thoughts. You liked the person, want to meet him again to get to know him better but hard luck he never calls you back. In one such situation, you look back in time and ask yourself what actually went wrong. What did you do or didn’t do? Let us have a look at things that may be the reasons why he never bothered to call you up:

You were too predictable or he didn’t like you

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You really cannot change your basic nature. There are chances that he asked you a lot of question and your answers were obvious. Men usually need something that keeps them on their toes. Remember less is more on your first date but that should make you look boring or too predictable. Men can also take your introvert behavior as an indication that you are not interested at all. There are times when you simply do not hook up and nothing could change that. Move on in life since you sure would not want to be with someone who does not like you or finds you boring.

You turned your first date in an interview

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You must ask questions on your first date but when you make it sound like an interview, you actually scare him off. Things like how much money he makes or what are his career aspirations or your attempts to get too particular about his exes, may take your relationship in a wrong direction. Even those women who get straight to the possibility of marriage may end up feeling disappointed. These things may be important but you must not overdo it.

He found you emotionally unavailable or too busy to talk

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Of course, it is important to keep yourself in touch with your friends but that can wait at least when you are on a date. Checking your phone repeatedly or texting your friends about what’s going on may turn him off. You must pay attention to him and show interest. In the similar manner when you change your status the moment you leave the restaurant or start following him on twitter, you freak him out. The needless publicity on social media may also keep him from calling you again.

Too many rules or too much information

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Men usually love their freedom. Even if they want to be in a relationship, they want their own space and time. If you come across as someone who is a complete control freak there are less chances he would call you back. You cannot make rules or start controlling his life no matter how comfortable he makes you feel, take your time to brings your cards on the table. You must not share every single detail with him on your first date. Save something for second or third date and do not disclose the secrets that bring you in a bad light.

He was too nice too hurt your feelings

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Chances are that he simply did not like you but may have found it hard to tell you that right in your face. No phone calls or no text message means no he in not into you, doesn’t it?

Accept the reality and move on, as this is not the end of the world. Someone who loves you for you must be waiting for you in some other corner of the world.

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