10 Simple Quotes About Life

10 Simple Life Quotes For A Happier Life

Below we have compiled a list of life quotes and affirmations that we can all do to live happier lives.

Life Quote #1. Be good, be smart, act well, and make yourself proud.

Life Quote #2. Talk less. Observe more.

Life Quote #3. Make every interaction with others a positive one. Always. You are interrupting their time so be good to them.

Life Quote #4. Be smart in every decision and don’t make any big mistakes. Always give yourself enough room to come back strong.

Life Quote #5. Earn respect instead of expecting it.

Life Quote #6. Be a positive influence on your peers. Promote good actions and behaviors.

Life Quote #7. The best people are the ones who treat others well.

Life Quote #8. Allow other people to be involved in your life. Include them in your decisions if you trust them.

Life Quote #9. Do tasks the right way, the first time.

Life Quote #10. Educate yourself.


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